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  Three Rivers Aikido was founded in February 2000 by Chief Instructor,
Ray Gardiner Sensei, 5th Dan Aikikai.

  Ray Sensei began his Aikido training in 1991 and has trained under the   supervision of Morihiro Saito Sensei and Hitohiro Saito Sensei in the UK,   continental Europe and has trained as Uchi Deshi (live in student) at the Iwama   Dojo in Japan, where he was awarded the first level of weapons certification.

   Three Rivers Aikido is part of the California Aikido Association under the
  supervision of Pat Hendricks Shihan 7th Dan Aikikai, Aikido of San Leandro.

  Ray Sensei continues to train regularly with Pat Hendricks Shihan in the UK,
  continental Europe and as Uchi Deshi at 
her dojo in San Leandro, California.

Assistant Instructors are Roger Jayamanne, 3rd Dan Aikikai, Tony Clement, 2nd   Dan Aikikai, Rob Newcater, 2nd Dan Aikikai and Raj Mullapudi, 2nd Dan Aikikai.  



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