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Want to start training?

You are always welcome to come along and watch a class and can ask any questions.

If you'd like to start training, you are welcome on any Monday or Thursday evening. We run special beginner’s courses from time to time, but students don't have to attend one of these to start training.

The cost of 8 introductory lessons is £60 and this includes club membership and insurance purchased by the Joint Aikikai Council GB. Once you have completed the introductory lessons you simply pay the monthly membership fee.

Please note that beginners are expected to attend weapons classes on Mondays as Iwama weapons are integral to are style and students will not progress through the ranks without them.

What else do you need to know?

• You must be 18 or over.
• You should wear loose clothing (e.g. T shirt and tracksuit bottoms) that you don't mind being stretched or pulled.
• You must remove all jewellery. If an item can't be removed, it must be covered with sticking tape.
• Finger and toe nails need to be kept short and long hair tied up.
• It would be sensible NOT to eat a meal just before you train
• We do not recommend that you wear eye glasses. If you need to, we do not accept responsibility for damage to them. Please ensure they are safe to use for sport. Also please ensure you have a spare pair to use for driving, just in case they are damaged during a class.
• Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol won't be allowed to train.
• You have to tell your teacher about any medical conditions that might affect your ability to train or exercise. If the teacher has concerns about your ability to train, you may be asked to obtain a doctor's permission before continuing.
• For your safety, you must do exactly what your teacher instructs.



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